Areas of Expertise

Sound specialized knowledge is an indispensable basis for ensuring high-quality, precise and flawless translations. Many years of professional practice in each special field have enabled me to gain specialized knowledge of each field’s special terminology. Coupled with high accuracy and diligence - both while doing terminology research and during the translation process per se - you can be sure to receive a translation that will be technically correct and linguistically flawless. For the purpose of producing translations of consistent high quality, I have specialized in the following fields:

• Legal Translations / Certificates (contracts; court decisions; counsel’s opinions; notarial
  and official documents; certificates and the like)

• Chemical / Biochemical Translations (chemical engineering, chemical and biochemical
  products and patents)

• Medical / Pharmaceutical Translations (medical reports and doctor’s certificates; medical
  and clinical equipment, pharmaceutical documentation and market research)

• Technical / Engineering Translations (technical specifications, standards, operating
   instructions etc. - more particularly in the fields of medical and military engineering,
   automobile, metal processing, mechanical engineering/toolbuilding)

• Computer Science Translations / IT (software localization, manuals, computer applications,
   updates, patches etc.)

• Economic translations / PR (project management; quality assurance; business
  correspondence; training material; websites; newsletters; presentations; press releases;
  job postings; biographies)

Of course I also translate general texts and work in fields other than those listed, depending on the project.